About Us

-To transform underdeveloped and developing society into developed form.

-To create a culture of Safety and Resilience.
-To develop an environment of Humanity.
-To create a culture of Safety, Health and Eco friendly Environment.
-To build up a persona of responsible citizen amongst Indians.
-To empower people and communities in situations of illiteracy, poverty and disease.
-To achieve large scale positive changes through economic and social programmes that enable men and women to realise their potential.
-To develop network with government, private, NGOs and national and International Institutions.

-To develop a culture of safety, disaster planning, preparedness and resilience.
-To rebuilt environmental concern amongst citizens and address environmental issues.
-To pay utmost attention to the health of Indian citizens.
-To spread the importance of education and implement the better way of education.
-To develop skills for employment or prepare them for entrepreneurship.
-To raise concern for hygiene among citizens.
-To develop livelihoods based plans for poverty reduction.
-To support Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) of the United Nations.